Friday - June 2nd, 2023
NQ4I Superstation

I4LEC to operate during 2010 WPX SSB


The NQ4I Multi-Multi Team is pleased to announce that well known European operator Clay I4LEC will be joining the team on 20m for the WPX SSB Test...Clay brings a wealth of multi language skills and is very well known in European contesting circles...we at NQ4I are very happy to have him as a part of our operator team this year.

NQ4I visits KH7XS

On August 7th, 2009 I had the pleasure to fly to Kona, Hi, and after checking into the hotel my Co-Captain and I took the rental car and make the trek over the hills to the other side of the Big Island to the qth of Bill KH7XS….as we drove up and up and up to his qth, the view that was presented was anything short of spectacular! Over 900 feet above the Pacific Ocean was the qth of KH7XS…it was graced with a 150 foot Rohn 55 tower and the antennas attached were inspiring to say the least…a pair of M-squared 4 element 40m yagis were stacked along with a trio of KT36XA’s….the view of the horizon from North America back around to Japan was unbelievable!!

Once in the shack, I could see his station and of course the view of the antennas was just out the window…a pair of K3’s were the radios of choice of KH7XS…they were mated with an AL-1500 and an Alpha big power here!! But ample to provide some of the most outstanding signals from the Pacific Rim!! Bill is a great host…he took us to the local 50’s diner for a bite of lunch…umm good…of course it’s the only restaurant for nearly 40 miles….Bill’s qth is on the north side of the Big Island and take some driving to get to…..Bill showed us the HFTA terrain plots for his antennas and how the slope of the land down to the Pacific Ocean had such a great effect on his low angle signals…Stacked yagis on 4 bands didn’t hurt either…on 80m he uses some Delta loops and has some plans to add a vertical for 160 meters…Beverages are not really needed Bill says as there are really no thunderstorms on the Big Island…

NQ4I visits I4LEC

NQ4I traveled to Bologna and met long time friend Clay I4LEC...Clay and Rick toured IR4X, IR4M, and IY4FGM stations and then went to the home qth of the big signal from Bologna I4LEC!! Wow what and excellent qth....approximately 1200 ft above sea level and with a spectacular take off angle in almost every direction! Clay and his wonderful YL Francessca hosted NQ4I for dinner and the following day a BBQ....the food was excellent! And the company was fantastic too!!

Italian Super station IR4M

NQ4I and I4LEC amde a 2 hour drive from Bologna to Monte Codruzzo to see the fantastic IR4M Super is located approximately 3000 ft above sea level with fantastic views to NA and JA ...over looking the Adriatic Sea, there is no doubt that as this station builds up it will be a force to be reckoned with!

IY4FGM Marconi Special Event Station

The Marconi Museum located just outside Bologna was host to NQ4I....the first visit I4LEC Clay and NQ4I visited the station and NQ4I operated the Special Event Station IY4FGM on 20 meters ssb...approximately 100 qso's in Europe were made on 20m....

IR4X Italian M-S Super station in June 2009

Located on Mont Capra about 15 miles from downtown Bologna on Mont Capra...approx 1500 feet above sea level and a qth with a 360 degree view of the horizon! Unbelievable!!. Fairly modest antennas, but the station has a long history of winning! The picture with me in it shows some of the many awards they have won over the years!


NQ4I in San Jose, California

NQ4I in San Jose, California

NCCC Contesters from Left-To-Right are: K6UFO, N6TV, N6XI, (NQ4I), N6DE, K9YC, K6VVA.

NQ4I in Austin, TX

Rick flew into Austin, TX on Monday night and had the opportunity to give W5ZL a tour of the G550 and also attend the Central Texas DX & Contest Club meeting. Thanks to W5ZL for the photos

NQ4I at RU1A

Rick recently had the opportunity to visit the RU1A superstation. Thanks to RA1AIP for his generosity during the trip.

NQ4I/am de F5SDD


NQ4I in Finland

Rick's impromptu meeting at the Airport Hilton in Helenski, Finland with some OH hams - OH6LI,OH3BU, and OH3BHL.


NQ4I Op, Charlie Wooten (NF4A, J79PC), operating from J7DX during the 2008 ARRL DX CW test.

NQ4I with VU2PEP

Rick's visit in India with Paddy, VU2PEP.

New 20M Beam - 8 elements 86 foot boom - Installed!

Hi Guys...well it took all day Saturday to get it up....on site were WI4R, N4EU, KD4ONL, VE7ZO, and NQ4I.....we labored all day, and now the Big Boy is up!!!

Initial SWR shows 1:1 from 14.000 all the way to 14.200 and it goes to 1.5:1 at the top 14.350....the antenna hears very well...its is very, very quiet....initial tests has shown thats its at least equal to the 5/5 stack...this is with 900 ft of RG213 Coax ....that will be replaced next week with hardline, and we will get back almost 4 DB of additional gain that is now lost in the RG213 coax....the prop-pitch turns it very looks like a large 15m yagi at the top of a 100 ft tower...its at the top of the big Rohn 55, and is at 185 ft! I worked JA's and UA9's and UA0's last nite on SSB until the cows came home!...All reporting what a big signal we had....The lemon of an antenna, the 80m yagi has been made into some very delicious lemonade...hi

Gulfstream 450 Tour

Photos from KF4GTA's tour of a brand new Gulfstream 450. July 12, 2008