Tuesday - March 21st, 2023
NQ4I Superstation

2012 Georgia QSO Party

            Call: K4HYB
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/MMixed HP
QTH: Griffin, GA
Operating Time (hrs): 8.0

 Band  CW-Dig Qs  Ph Qs
   80:    123       127
   40:    250       549
   20:    233       362
   15:    145       201
   10:      2        48
Total:    763      1287  CW-Dig Mults = 67  Ph Mults = 69  Total Score
= 3,500,999



We had a wonderful time. 11 new ops were indoctrinated to Multi Multi
contesting! 12 year old Skylar worked Cook Islands, Australia, New Zealand, and
many more on 10m ssb. Boy was he excited. Average rate of 274 per hour for 8
hours! The Pig Farmers on 80m were relentless. We were on the band for 5 hours,
but at 7pm they felt they owned the frequency, it belonged to them and we had to
leave! They really have the spirit of HAm Radio! Thanks for all that called and
worked us. Another successful GQP!

2012 CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW

            Call: NQ4I
Operator(s): W4IX
Station: NQ4I

Class: Single Op Assisted HP
Operating Time (hrs): 30

Total:  QSOs = 1220  State/Prov = 59  Countries = 49  Total Score = 356,508

Club: South East Contest Club


Many thanks to Rick for allowing me to operate
this great contest from a world class station.
The station worked flawlessly except for a
non working SW beverage. As stated by many
ops already, condx cud have been better. Only
worked the strongest Europeans the first night.
Had a lousy country count after the first night
And tried to make up for it the 2nd night, but
just not enough stations were making it through
the wall of US big guns. Thanks to the good
ears at NH0J, the UA0's that called in , the
VK3, the HK0NA group, the VP6T group, and
Everyone else who called in. 73's. W4IX

2012 CQWW WPX Contest, CW


Call: NQ4I
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Georgia
Operating Time (hrs): 48.0

 Band  QSOs
  160:   75
   80:  433
   40: 1261
   20: 2358
   15: 2250
   10:  718
Total: 7095  Prefixes = 1518  Total Score = 28,163,454

Club: South East Contest Club


Boy what a contest this one was! 15m on Friday night never closed. 20m was
around the clock all day and all night. Low band activity was down since
everyone was on the higher bands. We passed the USA record score and mult score
on Sunday morning at 1200Z...Leaving us with 12 hours to pile on to the record
score. Of course some stations records fell this weekend..record 15m
qso's...and new record of mults.

I wish more stations would use the score posting devices...my hats off to KC1XX
(KM3T) for posting their score on both sites. It is so easy to post scores...I
can't seem to understand why a team would not want to participate?

We spent some time listening to our competition to keep posted of their
totals...it is a great motivator to know where your competition is and what
they are doing. It would have been more fun had they participated in on line

The weather was very co-operative this weekend for us..in years past we have
had to shut down for thunderstorms...no storms and plenty of hot sunny

Operators came from all over the world to be a part of the team...thanks to all
who gave up their weekends with family to be part of the NQ4I team!

We had four operators cancel the last week just before the test and added W4SVO
and N4DU just 2 days before the test..Thank you Mark and Jim.

We had a surprise visitor this weekend, W6OAT Rusty stopped by...he had been in
Georgia for his 50th high school reunion. It was nice to finally have him come
by and visit the station.

The JA participation did not seem to be an issue this past weekend. It is the
greatest number of JA's on all bands in a long while.

For the second contest in a row, we had an all ORION configured station...11
Orions did a wonderful job at all positions. Win-Test was flawless and
performed exceptionally well...Thanks to the WT developers. And a huge thanks
to the Ten-Tec boys in Tennessee for such a great contest radio.

Time to spend the rest of the day recuperating and enjoying the rest of the
Memorial Day weekend with family...a little pool time and maybe some food
cooked on the grill.

73 and thanks for the qso's

de Rick NQ4I

2011 CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

            Call: NQ4I
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  235    14       36
   80:  365    26       94
   40: 1282    35      120
   20: 1814    40      146
   15: 1432    39      149
   10: 2275    37      150
Total: 7403   191      695  Total Score = 16,555,796

Club: South East Contest Club


Oh what a contest...I spent 3 continous months preparing on my off days for this
test. Raised the 40m Mult antenna from 80 ft to 160 ft on new Rohn 55 tower and
we built and installed a 12 element LPDA for 80m with a 190 ft boom. Needless
to say the conditions on the low bands from the SE US were pitiful. On 160m on
Friday night numerous EU's cq'ed in our face...some were s9+10 db and they were
unable to hear us at all...what a shame. The low band conditions affected the
40m score some what also. We had more audio related interference in the station
that I can ever remember...not really sure why, as nothing had changed in the
station from before. For the first time we started the contest with 11 TenTec
Orions ...one kept shutting down and locking up and was replaced with a

Station firsts...New total qso number all time record...new qso total on 40m
and 10m....and new score total for CQWW SSB...NEW 4th CALL area record
also...so some reasons to take pleasure from this weekend.....distance based
scoring would not have helped us this weekend at all....if you can't run the
number of qso's then you are not in the game...we had some kind of problem with
interference from 40m to the 15 m station that caused lower than normal numbers

enough of the excuses..we did have a great time...a few new ops to the station,
and Mark W4SVO made a great beef stew for Saturday night...I will try to recover
from this weekend...my wife and I are going on a 7 day Caribbean cruise to
celebrate her birthday in November so maybe I can get some rest and relaxation
and be ready for CW...hi

Thanks to all who came and participated this past weekend...cu u all in 4 weeks
in cw.

de Rick NQ4I

2011 CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

            Call: NQ4I
Operator(s): NQ4I, VE7ZO, W4SVO, K1XX, NS1L, W1MD, WA1S, K4TD, N4BP, W4IX, W8ZF
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: ga
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  268    26       89
   80:  771    29      112
   40: 2066    39      154
   20: 2397    40      164
   15: 1984    37      163
   10: 1843    36      152
Total: 9329   207      834  Total Score = 26,802,627

Club: South East Contest Club


It was the best of times...it was the worst of times!...

Actually, it was the best of times...with the exception of the station owner
and 80m operator (NQ4I) being under the weather from a 24 hour bug, the weekend
couldn't have gone better. Conditions were excellent...operators all put in a
yeomans effort, and it shows in an incredible score from 4 land. The previous
W4 M/M record fell at 23 hours into the contest...that was a sign of good
things to come.

Conditions were such that the last hour of the contest saw all six bands active
and producing multipliers for a fantastic finish. This was a DX'ers dream

W4SVO once again pulled 160m duty and produced an excellent band score from the
SE US. Marks highlight was pulling in several new mults during the final hour of
the contest including TF4M for a double!!!

80M was the band without a captain. NQ4I had planned to lead the team on 80 but
a 24 (turned into 36) hour bug negated that. NS1L, W1MD, NQ4I, W4IX, and W4SVO
all put time in on the band and gave the new 12 Element LPA a workout. To see
this antenna in the woods is simply awesome. Strung on a Catenary from 160'
down to 60' the array is simply amazing.

K1XX and VE7ZO were the perennial op's for 40 meters working everything that
could be found.

W8ZF, W4IX, and NS1L teamed up to lead the 20 meter effort to a station high
band score with all 40 zones and 164 countries being worked.

K4TD and W1MD were the 'delta force' behind 15 meters...working many of those
tough Sunday afternoon slugfest mults early in the contest on Saturday morning.

WA1S and N4BP provided the drive behind the 10 meter effort staying close on
the heels of the 15 meter team.

It was an amazing weekend and a good time was had by all...Thanks to Rick
(NQ4I) for being a first class station master and host. Even being under the
weather, Rick still managed to ensure that we were fed (over fed) throughout
the weekend...and provide a first class M/M station that ranks up there with
the best of them.

And of course...congrats to all of the other Multi-op competitors with some
supreme scores being posted. The competition is what makes this contest so much

73 from the NQ4I team and see you in the spring.


2011 CQWW WPX Contest, CW

            Call: NQ4I
Operator(s): AA4LR,VE7ZO,K4ST(JA0BSL),W4IX,N3ZL
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs
  160:   72
   80:  441
   40: 1380
   20: 2000
   15:  796
   10:  268
Total: 4957  Prefixes = 1224  Total Score = 14,624,352

Club: South East Contest Club


What can I say. First and foremost we had a great time. 3 op's dropped out in
the week before the test and we all decided to do the "iron man thing".Plenty
of air time for all. 160m was N3ZL, 80m was AA4LR, 40m was VE7ZO and K4ST, 20m,
was W4IX,15m was NQ4I, and 10m was AA4LR...we all did time at other stations and
managed to keep things going around the clock. No Equipment failures, but a
couple of computer problems, nothing major. Some of the normal antennas were
not available for this test and we made do with what we had available. The 8
element 20m monster would not rotate so it was fortunate that it was on Europe.
Conditions really teased us Friday night. We made qso's on 15m until after
midnight. But Saturday morning the conditions were in the toilet! Sunday made
up for Saturday, but not as much as we had hoped. Food was good, Friendship was
good, Radios were good, Antennas were good, and the score was what it was. This
is one of our favorite contests. The weekend happens to fall on Memorial Day
and is typically a family weekend, and that means it is difficult to get
operators. My thanks to those who traveled and made the trip to contest this
weekend. Lots of summer repairs to make on the station, and a new 80m LPDA
antenna(look that one up if you don't know what it is) and a new 170 ft tower
to support it. Thanks for the qso's, the log will be uploaded to LOTW in a week
or so or qsl direct to my manager K4PK. See everyone in the fall contests CQWW
SSB and CW. Have a great summer. Rick NQ4I

2011 ARRL CW

Call: NQ4I
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  300    79
   80:  829   100
   40: 1692   125
   20: 2051   128
   15: 1307   118
   10:  203    67
Total: 6382   617  Total Score = 11,729,787

Club: South East Contest Club


Boy what a contest! New station records on 160m, 80m, and 40m...Mark W4SVO and
Drubber W4IX spent nearly 2 days before the test working on the beverages for
the low bands and it sure paid off...on Thursday before the test we saw several
chances for some great propagation on 10m...before the test IT9/LY4C was 40 over
9...it never happened the whole weekend...ugh...10m was once again teasing us
with what it could do...the crew assembled was one of the best ever at the
station....N4RJ had been absent from the M-M area for nearly 20 years ...he had
a great time...where was Baker when we neeeded him? The 160m numbers are the
best ever for us in ARRL..."Iron Man" W4SVO really milked the band and did it
well....Jim VE7ZO and Charlie K1XX really did a great job on 40m ...The BIS
Award goers to N4FD and W4DD for their persistance on 10m...and Marty W1MD and
Ann WA1S swept 15m clean many a time.....AA4LR joined us after a few year
hiatus...glad to have you back Bill.....Scott KB4KBS was the official observer
for the weekend....and Bobby KF4GTA kept the network humming along....W7FB
traveled from Kansas City to be part of the team...and Dean W8ZF kept 20m
clicking all nite long...thanks guys for the great job....next big contest will
be CQ WPX CW in May...see ya then...de Rick NQ4I

NQ4I - 2010 CQ WPX CW

Call: NQ4I
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 48.0

 Band  QSOs
  160:  145
   80:  443
   40: 1412
   20: 1735
   15:  872
   10:  445
Total: 5052  Prefixes = 1066  Total Score = 11,971,180

Club: South East Contest Club


We started the contest with some big expectations...goals were 8050 qso's and 30
million points...Conditions had been very poor for many weeks leading up to this
contest and I was sure that we would get a rather large bounce back effect on
propagation...needless to say I missed the boat on propagation for my qth...it
could not have been much worse...Friday night was a surprise on 15m and 10m as
the bands stayed open until nearly midnight local time...and we even had a
couple JA's in the log on 15m...after that 15m and 20m saw very few JA's during
the whole contest...Friday night propagation on 160m, 80m and 40m was not that
good either and then the whole weekend we had major thunderstorms nearby and in
the area the whole weekend...ugh!!! N3ZL on 160m and K1PT on 80m deserve an
award for braving the QRN and QRM to make any qso's!!! 20m stayed open most of
the first night and produced the best runs to EU that we had...first timer
K4UEE did a valiant job at 20m Run to keep filling the log...and has been
mentioned by nearly every other participant, propagation on Saturday was not
very spectacular! The high band op's 0n 20m, 15m and 10m struggled through the
day for every qso...some 10m openings to EU caused some excitement though...but
the band did not have the same type Sporadic E opening Saturday night...once
again the low band boys did a stellar job of warming the ether with endless
cq's!!! At 0630 local (1030Z) I sat down at the 10m sattion to turn things on
and let the amp warm up, as I had planned to use the next hour making the guys
their breakfast...lo and behold CQ3L was S9 plus 10 db!! Never saw another EU
with such a huge signal the whole weekend...he lasted for nearly an hour with
this amazing signal...Had to be Es propagation and he was the only EU we could
hear for nearly 4 hours...Sunday's conditions picked up considerably from the
previous days and started our excitement level as it teased us with the hopes
of better propagation...on 10m we ended up with nearly 40 EU's in the
log...never got spotted and could have made many more maybe!! On 15m it payed
to be further to the south...as evidenced by NQ4I OPerator W4SVO operating from
home ...Mark had much better conditions to EU than we did and made almost a
hundred more qso's than we did...using reverse beacons all day Sunday kept the
op's busy...but a time approached where even Skimmer could not find us anybody
to work...on a good note, no equipemnt failures..we had some operator errors
with the Orion's and WinKeyer that caused a few gremlins to appear...but all in
all a great weekend with no major equipment problems...want to thank our FCG
buddies K4MM, K1PT for driving all the way from South Florida to be part of the
team...also to Greg N3ZL who just finished up his college studies and drove from
South Carolina to be a part of the team....Old regular op's VE7ZO, W7FB, K4TD,
KY4F, and the Drubber W4IX made up a small but efficient contest team..and for
a first time in a long time, I had to be an active operator...normally I spend
my time in the back ground fixing minor glitches and assisting and filling in
when needed....this time I did a full time effort on 10m...the new 10m 4 high
stacks really work well...quiet and very efficient...come on Sunspots!!! The
swimming pool had been opened a few weeks before the contest and I encouraged
all op's to bring a bathing suit...think only one of two even had a chance to
get in...between cq'ing and thunder storms not much chance...we ended up the
contest with a major storm just a few miles away and threatning us for a number
of hours...ugh again!! Congrats to the KM3T team at KC1XX for a valiant effort
with only 3 op's .....being close to EU never hurts one points per qso ratio
either!!! We spent the whole weekend checking Getscores.org to see if it would
make it up!! We got hooked on watching the scoreboard in a number of previous
contests and were really anticipating watching the leaderboard this weekend
too!! Not So...sure hope it will get resolved and operational soon! And in
normal practices at NQ4I M-M's we all headed to El Charro at the end of the
contest for a Mexican meal!! Cold Cerveza's and Margarita's were a fine ending
to the weekend!! 73 and see every one in CQWW SSB and CW de Rick NQ4I


Call: NQ4I
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Georgia
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs
  160:  443
   80:  860
   40: 2002
   20: 1734
   15: 1610
   10:  391
Total: 7040  Prefixes = 1507  Total Score = 24,933,305

Club: South East Contest Club


Great time had by all! Pretty good conditions. No equipment failures. Increase
in overall score from 18mil to 24.9 mil. Prefix increase from 1342 to 1507!
Visitor I4LEC had a ball contesting from the SE USA..QSL via LOTW and K4PK. New
Radios are big improvement. New antennas on 10m really rock! New beverage
distribution system will show big improvements too... We worked some southern
Italians on 10m!! Yea!! Lots of JA on 15m!! Yea!! Congrats to K1LZ for
fantastic M-2 finish!! No Storms until an hour after the contest...Yea!!
Conditions on 20m were down from last year....15m was a breath of fresh air!
Yea! Look for NQ4I team in WPX CW at the end of May! Yea!

de Rick NQ4I


Call: NQ4I
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 48.0

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  174    17       41
   80:  373    22       87
   40: 1164    31      120
   20: 1560    36      147
   15: 1490    33      142
   10:  203    15       43
Total: 4964   154      580  Total Score = 8,562,844

Club: South East Contest Club


Our score is 8% higher than last years score...conditions were way down on the
lower bands for us this year...a great team was assembled and every one had a
good time...food was good, and conversations were good....new 10m stack seems
to be playing nicely...one more antenna to add to make it a 4 high stack....I
need a remote transmitting site in New England...we could hear many EU's on 80
and 160 who could not hear us at all! Very frustrating. A few repairs to do and
we will be ready for CW....60 seconds of silence were observed just prior to the
test in honor of the C6APR crew...RIP....see everyone in 4 weeks..de Rick NQ4I


2008 CQWW CW

Call: NQ4I
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  220    19       76
   80:  625    29      112
   40: 1693    37      147
   20: 1872    37      150
   15:  546    29      105
   10:   47     9       16
Total: 5003   160      606  Total Score = 10,079,028

Club: South East Contest Club


160m. Op W4SVO
80m Ops W4IX and N3ZL
40m Ops K0EJ and K1XX
20m Ops VE7ZO, W1MD and W8ZF
15m Ops K4TD and KY4F
10m Op K2UFT

First Timers W4IX, N3ZL and W8ZF...had fun and will be coming back again...they
really did a great job. I have never in 48 years of contesting seen poorer
conditions on 10m than what we had...40m team made a new station record...Great
Job Mark and Charlie! New antennas on 160m, 20m and 15m are doing nicely...just
need some sun spots now......a new 10 element 10 m yagi has been designed and 4
copies are being planed for a four high stack totaling 40 elements! It will be
ready in the Fall of 2009....we can work the mults on all bands...just need
qso's.....Seasons Greetings to all...see you in ARRL CW in Feb...de Rick NQ4I



Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  222    16       59
   80:  588    27      108
   40:  761    30      116
   20: 1740    38      148
   15: 1065    33      122
   10:   90     8       12
Total: 4466   152      565  Total Score = 7,911,378

Club: South East Contest Club

It was certainally fun using the Getscores.Org site to watch the race between
K3NA, K1TTT, and ourselves...wish the band by band breakdown was working...but
what a see-saw it was...I can only say that the propagation here in the South
East US was not at all like what was experienced in the North East US...It was
our best ever on 160 meters yet...excellent job by 160 M op Tim KY5R...making
qso's and mults right up to the end of the contest...our antenna improvements
have indeed helped here..planning on 2 more of the "Bulldog" slopers to make
for an even 4 of them...80 M saw our best ever score also..the new 6 element
array really has helped improve our score from previous years...its our best
ever for 80 meters and "hats off" to 80m op's Mark W4SVO (aka the Bulldog) and
Don K4PK...40 meters continues to puzzle us as to why its not making the
grade...the antennas will be examined and analyzed to try to see if
improvements can be made...I know that op's Mark K0EJ and Gene W5LE put their
hearts and souls into manning the stations on 40 meters...20 meters suffered
from adsorption during a large part of the daytime, and we never produced the
rates that others most definately had...Jim VE7ZO, Larry N4FD, Dennis K4NV, and
Jay N4OX really put in the hours....thanks for putting up with one of the more
difficult bands guys!! 15 meters was a pleasant surprize all weekend...Sunday
was much better than Saturday...John K4BAI and George K5KG really milked this
band for all it was worth..and on top of that we had JA openings both Saturday
night and Sunday night...good job John and George....10m had to be the most
frustrating band ever..we are too close to the Caribbean to work a single one
of them..it was only South America for us and then only LU, PY, CX...really
disappointing propagation....Jeff W4DD and Lee WI4R spent many hours cq'ing on
a really dead band....

Now for my soapbox....if you compare my line score with K3NA and K1TTT, it is
very apparent that our point per qso is much lower...and I am guessing that we
had somewhere near 500 zero point qsos(and all logged) ....I can only
re-emphasize that there should be recognition for all qso's....points should be
given for one's own country...it will not make the contest into a qso party, but
reward one's efforts accordingly...

We will see each of you in the CQWW CW in a couple weeks...gotta get 3 amps
repaired...and get ready for cw...a few spots "puleeze".....de Rick NQ4I

2008 CQWW WPX CW Results


Call: W4KZ
Operator(s): NQ4I
Station: NQ4I

Class: SOSB15 HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 24.4

Band  QSOs
   15:  948
Total:  948  Prefixes = 498  Total Score = 803,274

Club: South East Contest Club


Well, this weekend was to test out all the antenna work I performed after the
Dayton Hamfest...I re-installed 7 yagis, 20m and 15m to improve the figure of
merit on those bands...result was a new 3 Hi stack for 15m..top antenna at 155
ft, middle antenna at 105 ft and bottom antenna at 55 ft...all 8 element
designs..and it really played well!! I was amazed at the conditions..with a
Solar Flux Number of only 69, and the propagation was un-believable! I worked
3V8BB at 0930Z (thats an hour and half before my sunrise, and during his EU
run!! And EU stations called in way into the afternoon at my qth, something
that only happens during a much higher sunspot number! Did not hear or work a
JA....bummer! I took 3 hours off on Sat afternoon for a family cook out....and
got to bed early each night...can't wait till those sunspots return...see
everybody in CQWW SSB and CW this fall...de Rick NQ4I


Call: NQ4I
Operator(s): VE7ZO
Station: NQ4I

Class: SOSB20 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 36
Radios: SO2R

Band  QSOs
   20: 1911
Total: 1911  Prefixes = 871  Total Score = 3,399,513

Club: South East Contest Club


What was originally going to be a first trial for the new 20M stack turned out
to be a good exercise for the single 8 el. and a 204 BA in a SO2R
configuration.  The band was in decent shape for almost the whole contest but
during the European daylight hours, rates diminished severely due to high
absorption.  It was great to hear the band open over the north pole into
UA9/UA0 in the evenings once again.  Propagation favored northern and eastern
Europe with relatively few strong signals out western Europe. 

While listening on the 204 BA, I found K3ZO working the far east on Sunday
morning.  Fred seems to be a bellweather for this propagation and after
swinging the antenna over to JA, was rewarded with a number of BY's, JA's and
XW1A.  Rates were low so unfortunately I couldn't persist as long as I would
have liked.

It was a pleasant weekend with three single band efforts being made from NQ4I's
station - W4KZ 15M (NQ4I), NQ4I 20M (VE7ZO) and WI4R (N6GQ) Thanks to Rick and
his family for being great hosts once again 


Call: WI4R
Operator(s): N6GQ
Station: NQ4I

Class: SOSB40 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 30

Band  QSOs
   40: 1116
Total: 1116  Prefixes = 598  Total Score = 2,377,648



First, a big thanks to Rick, NQ4I, for allowing me to use his fantastic station!
What a great station!

This was my second contest with the my new K3, starting to get a handle on it
and really liking it.

Station used:
Rig: Elecraft K3
Amp: Henry 3K
Antennas: 3 over 3 (fullsize) at 155'/85'

Conditions were ok, some heavy QRN the first night but that settled as the
weekend progressed. Some excellent signals from Europe in the middle of the day
(localtime) and some great greyline QSOs, too!

Thanks to everyone for their QSOs, see you in the next one...

Jeff (N6GQ), WI4R op @ NQ4I

2008 Ga QSO Party, K4HYB (@NQ4I)

Call: K4HYB
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 13.0

Used Win-Test, Texas QSO Party, and it would not score properly...it did a nice
job networked with the bands displayed...hopefully Larry and Oliver will
include the GQP in the contests available...we had 4 new contestors who tried
their hands in the contest game...everyone had a blast...condx were lousy, but
the Ham Radio community was pleasant and responsive to the GQP...we were 800
qso's down from last year, and that was directly related to conditions...we had
problems with 2 amps...they are in the shop now...our transmit audio on the 20m
SSB station was a little too hot ( ok it was a lot too hot) and we even swapped
radios trying to fix it...on Monday after the test I was able to solve the
problem by adjusting the sound card interface audio levels...seems like in the
heat of the contest its hard to figure out how to fix something, but afterwards
its easier to focus on the problem and it's solution...hi...we knocked off at
1530 hrs local on Sunday...it seemed that we had worked every serious GQP
contestor...we need a rule change to keep our activity level high...once we
work a station, it leaves us with very little to do...there are only so many
committed participants on cw and ssb....so having band and mode related mults
would keep the activity level higher for us.....Thanks to all for the
qso's.....This year's activity will be one of the best yet!
de Rick NQ4I

  CW Qs Ph Qs
  659 1849

Total Score = 250,000+


Call: NQ4I
Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 47

Band QSOs Mults
160 188 69
80 637 88
40 1117 109
20 1823 121
15 213 76
10 19 9
Total 3997 472

Total Score = 5,656,929

160m W4SVO FT-1000D and Alpha 77...new sloping vertical system did great job..we
passed last years score by the end of the first night...best score ever from
here on 160m! Good job Bulldog!!

80m K2SX and WB4A FT-1000D FT1000MP Alpha 77 and Alpha 78...3 element vertical
array still doing great job...will be adding the next 3 elements this spring
and then we will have a serious 80m antenna!!K2SX and WB4A hung in there till
the end!! Excellent job!

40m K1XX and K5KG FT-1000D x 2 Henry 4K and Henry 3K-A...we moved Charlie K1XX
from the 20m team for this contest to 40m and he and George K5KG did an
excellent job...worked 3 HS0's XU, BY, 9V1, 9M6, UA9 etc...Charlie and George
may have found a home on 40m now...

20m VE7ZO, K4TD,KY4F, and W5LE FT-1000D x2 Alpha 77 and Henry 3K Classic
II...for 20m we deployed our greatest assets ZO and TD to our greatest resource
20m....it payed off with dividends!! Our best 20m score in a very long
time...the 8 el was the best Mult antenna..in and out in one call! The long
nights were lonely and not very productive...ZO had 2 back to back 175+ hours
Sat morning! And TD had some great runs Sunday morning...looks like we now have
the 20m team in place! W5LE is back in Ga and made it down...glad to have you
back Gene!

15m K4BAI and K2UFT FT-1000D and FT-1000MP Henry amps x2...boy what a
disappointment 15 m was! On Saturday it was a struggle for each qso...John and
Dick kept smiles on their faces, but inside they were disappointed! John worked
our first JA on Sat and that was pretty amazing considering the poor EU opening
that morning...Sunday was a breath of fresh air with the conditions some what

10m NQ4I FT-1000D and Alpha 87A...B-O-O-R-I-N-G...no qso's Friday
evening...only 5 or 6 qso's by the eend of Saturday...but on Sunday K1XM
spotted us on 10m and made the comment "weak and lonely" within 30 seconds,
GB2CP called in and was in the log for the only EU!!! We tried unsuccessfully
to move numerous other big signal EU stations from 15m with no success...

We had to shut down for a little more than an hour Sunday evening for
thunderstorms...so we missed our goal of 4000 qso's...We had only one equipment
failure of a Henry 4K Ultra amp on 40m at midnight on Saturday, and I wheeled
the Henry 3K from the 10m mult station where it had been sitting with no job to
perform and it took up the slack just fine the rest of the weekend...Mexican
food was enjoyed after the contest...nothing better than chips, salsa,
guacamole and margaritas after a long contest weekend! Our next outing will be
CQ WPX SSB at the end of March...ARRL SSB, the station will be in-active...it
was really fun to watch the leader-board scores...the first night K1XM,
K1TTT,W2FU and our selves as we each see-sawed up and down...K1XM with their
superior low band antennas(at W1KM) took the lead at the end of the first 12
hours and managed to hold on to it till the end...there was still lots of
jockeying around for the next 3 positions...I think that K1XM finally "got some
respect" this weekend!!! Great job guys! And I want to compliment our other
competition K1TTT and W2FU...That's what I call a great contest!! Great job!!!
GL to all and thanks so much for all the qso's ... See everyone in WPX SSB...de
Rick NQ4I

Thanks to WB4A for providing the photos.

2007 CQWW CW

Band QSOs Zones Countries
160 277 20 82
80 783 30 117
40 1436 39 152
20 1817 35 152
15 716 28 120
10 106 18 35
Total 5125 170 658
TOTAL SCORE : 11,219,400


We had equipment failures of the 160m amp, the 20m run radio, and the Comtek 160 Switch box all during the first 30 minutes of the test...other than that all went well...3 Op's dropped out in the days before the test so we had to shift things around some...we had planned on 3 op's on 40m so we could have Partner mode staffed full time...we still managed to do quite a bit of it anyway...the 8 element 20 m yagi played very well as the mult station antenna....we had to use a single vertical on 160m as the 2 element array had some sort of glitch...conditions on 15m were less than we had anticipated...we finally got a JA for our single zone 25 on 15m....Sunday 15m was very quiet and we had a great run frequency..signals from EU were good, but no great rates at all....guess everybody was tired from staying up all night on the low bands... Our op's really like being able to check the real time internet scores...there was a decent amount of participation with the on-line scoring...sure wish others would join in and see how much it can motivate op's...I had done a lot of work on the 40m stack's after a very poor showing in CQWW SSB, and it appears that the work has accomplished some positive results...

It appears that there were far less "busted" spots this time??

This is our best effort by far on the low bands...160m even did it with just a single vertical!!! Outstanding effort by Mr. Low Band BullDog W4SVO!! Our 80m score really improved from previous years...I attribute it to removing the under-performing 3 element yagi...the new 3 vertical array is really doing great...I will be adding an additional 3 elements in the next few months and it will "soup up" or 80m signal!!

Plans are under way to shake up the antennas and their placement on all towers..we have a plan that will provide an additional 20 db of across the board gain to the station (and I don't mean an amp...hi) we all know that a db here and a db there, all add up...and its the continual search for another db that drives most of us to do what we do!

I am exceptionally proud of my op's and their sacrifice to their families during thanksgiving to be a part of our operation....this is our best effort to date in percentage of the top M-M's score...we are continuing to close the gap on the top three M-M's, and if things come together, we are expecting the rankings to have a top four listing vs top three!

QSL for this operation is available via K4PK or LOTW....

73's from a rainy, wet Georgia this morning...de Rick NQ4I

2007 CQWW SSB - Oct 27 & 28

Band QSOs Zones Countries
160 132 14 36
80 455 26 96
48 716 29 111
20 2031 36 146
15 1504 32 137
10 256 19 55
Total 5094 156 581

Total Score = 9,511,722

Call: NQ4I
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 48.0
Club: South East Contest Club

No Equipment failures! New 20m 8 el worked great on mult station. New 80m 3 el vertical array did a nice job also...will be adding an additional 3 elements to it in the very near future. Our score is up 20% from last years score. A good time was had by all. Food was excellent. The weather co-operated nicely. It was one of the nicest fall weekends yet.

2007 NAQP SSB August

Call: W4AN
Operator(s): WY4N, KF4GTA, K4BAI, WW4LL, W4DD
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/2 LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

Band QSOs Mults
160 31 17
80 122 35
40 513 53
20 554 44
15 13 9
10 0 0
Total 1233 158

Total Score = 194,814

Club: South East Contest Club

Thanks to NQ4I for the use of his fine contest station while he attended the
ARRL National Convention in Huntsville, AL. Some antenna work is underway and
some of the beams weren't rotating, but we had plenty of beams to the key
population areas. Also, two towers were hit by lightning Friday night and some
additional rotators weren't operational. We never heard a signal on 10M and
didn't move a local there due to the ten minute rule for M/2 stations. We
intended to start on 15 and 20, but 15 seemed dead, so we started on 40. After
just over ten minutes, we moved station 2 to 15 for about 15 minutes. We made
13 QSOs in 9 sections. Station two stayed on 40M for the rest of the contest.
We monitored 15 M, but heard only a few California stations and we had already
worked that multiplier, so we never went back to 15. Station one started on
20. Eventually we were switching between 20 and 80. After 20 closed, we
switched between 80 and 160. All the bands from 20 to 160 had serious QRN from
nearby thunderstorms. The beverages were very helpful on 40 and were essential
to copy on 80 and 160. We used WINTEST and it seemed to work OK but it didn't
count non-NA stations for points. The numbers above have been adjusted to
include points for the following DX: On 15M, CT1ILT. On 20M, VP6AL (Pitcairn
Island), HZ1GW, who wanted a GA QSL for WAS, and 26 Europeans.

Conditions for us were pretty abysmal on all bands. Apparently, they were
better for this contest from TX despite their weather problems. I had
anticipated that TX would likely be a better QTH for this contest than GA, but
hadn't expected quite as big a difference. W5WMU seemed to be getting much
bigger pileups on 20 than we did. We did finally work W5WMU for the LA mult,
but we missed most of the other close in mults on that band. Skip was
relatively long and there were almost no backscatter QSOs. We called an
Indiana station on 20 for a very long time, but missed that mult. We did work
HH and YN mults on 20.

Hope for better relative results next time with much better conditions, so we
can all have more fun. Thanks for the QSOs. QSL W4AN via K4BAI, as always.
73, John, K4BAI.

2007 IARU HF Championships

Call: NQ4I
Operator(s): VE7ZO, KF4GTA
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 9

Band CW Phone Zones HQ Mults
40 418 68 21 22
20 213 212 23 25
Total 631 280 44 57
Total Score = 249,975

We did a part time effort in order to get ready for the CQWW's. Thanks to Rick for letting us use his station while he was away.

2007 CQ WPX CW


We converted to Win-Test just 3 weeks before the WPX CW test...I can't say enough good things about it and how easy it is to set up and use. Initially before the test had some networking issues with the 14 computers, but Bobby KF4GTA our network guru and Webmaster fixed it in short time. We used the score reporting program to post our scores real time...I challenge other M-M's to step up to the plate in embracing this technology and get onboard by posting their scores too....

We had a few less operators than I really would have like ...but we managed to keep all the rigs going...could have used a few more mult op's...a couple new guys to the team as well, and fun was had by all....in the true sense of Memorial day cook outs we did Bubba burgers on the grill Saturday, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, and my mother's famous Pecan Pie....ummmm

For the first time in many years for this contest, we did not have to shut down for storms...

No equipment failures this weekend either...

Win-Test is certainaly a winner!!!

73 de Rick NQ4I

Band QSOs
160 73
80 441
40 1427
20 1762
15 843
10 322

Total: 4868 Prefixes = 1070 Total Score = 11,981,860

2007 Ga QSO Party, W4AN (@NQ4I)

Tnx for all the QSOs. All QSLs for W4AN should be directed to K4BAI.

Call: W4AN
Station: NQ4I

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Griffin, Ga
Operating Time (hrs): 13.0


Band CW Qs Ph Qs
80 176 146
40 375 906
20 344 1295
15 6 21
10 0 5
Total 901 2372

CW Mults = 41 Ph Mults = 85
Total Score = 338,094
Club: South East Contest Club

North American QSO Party SSB- January 2, 2007

Class: M/2 LP
QTH: Griffin, GA
Operating Time (hrs): 12

Band QSOs Mults
160 152 36
80 430 49
40 504 55
20 446 52
15 116 17
10 0 0
Total 1648 209

Total Score = 346,080

Club: South East Contest Club


Words can not express how well both Bobby (KF4GTA) and Ashley (KI4MTU) performed
in this contest. For their first showing at a M/2, they rocked every band they
ran on...GREAT JOB!!! I'm sure they're aren't many stations out there that
didn't work Ashley on either 20 or 40M or Bobby on 80M.

We had a good showing, bands weren't the best, but we had fun, and that's what

Thanks to Rick (NQ4I) for loaning the station, to Dennis (K4NV) for searching
countless mults, and for Jim (VE7ZO) for being a good housekeeper.

73 Adam WY4N